Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How it all began......his perspective of why he wanted a hotwife!

I love being up close to her like this couple.... watching another man's cock slide inside her.....the look on her face, the gasp of air she takes then the slight moan she let's out, the way she sometime's bite's her lower lip, the way she squeezes my cock or hand as he pushes it deep inside her...I've seen her with a death grip on the sheets too......esctasy for both of us....I can't figure out who likes it more, me or her!
How it all began, let's see, I have to go way back in time to when we were dating and in a very serious relationship.  It was so long ago I can't remember the exact specifics but at the time it was something I never even had thought about.  One day, for some reason, she was teasing me with a friend about doing us both, just messing around.  We left not doing anything but as I was driving him back home I remember thinking about the possibilities and found myself hornier and harder than I'd ever been in my young life.  The next day I was still very worked up, I picked up my friend and we went to see her.  I wanted this, I wanted to watch her play with his cock, get on her knees in front of him and take it in her mouth, I was desperate to see this although I didn't want him to fuck her.  As we get to the house she was at, within minutes I somehow had talked her into giving me a bj right in front of him.  I asked him to come over, he finally got the nerve up, walked over to us naked, had his cock inches from her face as she was sucking mine.  I remember her looking up at me and asking what I wanted....duh.....I reached down and pushed her head over towards his cock....in a flash she was going to town on him, sucking for all she was worth.  From that point on I was hooked...addicted to the rush!  I had full intentions that day of being the only one to actually have intercourse with her.  I wanted her to blow him while I had sex with her and we did for the first 20 minutes or so.  I had her bent over the bed, fucking her from behind while she sucked his cock and played with his balls.  I remember looking at him, his eyes were rolled back into the back of his head, his head was arched back, he was doing everything he could to prolong this adventure and not cum.  At that point he really wanted some pussy and although we had discussed (me and her) that he would just get a bj, he began asking us and begging and pleeding with us to fuck her.  I think this worked her up, she started asking me for permission to let him fuck her.  We switched positions and when I got to witness another cock entering her pussy and watching her reaction and how she rocked back to greet his cock and take it inside her.....WOW, I thought my heart was going to explode it was beating so hard with excitement.  Watching him getting close to cumming, moaning as she was trying to suck the head off my cock then hearing him grunting, seeing him pull out and watching his cock shoot spurt after spurt across her ass, this would be the image of many of masturbation sessions for me for years to come.  We did this several times that summer, one of the sessions I was doing her from behind and bent over to kiss her while she was sucking his cock.  She moved off his cock a little and presented it to me, both of our tongues where licking all over the head of his cock.....I couldn't handle it, she says I took it in my mouth and when I did I immediately started cumming!  It was so good, I thought literally my cock was going to explode from being pumped so full of blood!

That's how we got started in my opinion......we only did this a few times, got married a year or so later and didn't start it back up again for over 20 years.  I thought about it all the time, it was my #1 and just about only fantasy.   I will tell you all how we got back into doing this and doing it regularly soon!  It's even better now, having the deep love and trust in one another so this can work as a spice to your marriage and not something you hope can keep it together is key.  We are both very secure in this relationship, love each other deeply, she means everything in the world to me and me to her.  The excitement, fun, anticipation, and incredible rush or high I get from this is indescribable.  I'm addicted to it.....I know now how a junkie feels wanting to get there next high, I go thru withdrawl phases myself after some time of her not playing.  Her playing is my drug fix, the high this gives me makes me feel like I could leap out the window and fly around the world.  I love and respect this woman and nothing will ever change that, if it was even possible I think this has made me love her even more.  Knowing she is willing to do this for US, knowing she took the chance to see where this would lead to make me happy as it was me who pushed this and begged her to do it for me.  There was no other motive for me, SHE is what makes me happy, not anybody else!  I don't want to be with  any other women, although I am very attracted to women that's not what does it for me.  Watching her getting all the pleasure she can, whether I'm there in support/joining in or waiting at home while she's out having her fun with other men then returning home to me........That's my only craving and that's the only "drug" I'm addicted to......although, I don't think there's going to be any form of rehab to break me from this habit now!!!!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is I wish you were MY husband! I love your website so far, please keep it updated!

I would bring you all the creampies it took to keep you happy and satisfied, this is so HOT! I can only imagine how your wife must get so hot and worked up after a night out with a lover then returning to you knowing you will lick her clean as soon as she crawls up in bed with you! I'm sitting her soaked thinking about that right now, what true love you both share for each other. My hubbies to controlling to ever let this happen, he may get some without knowing one of these days, especially if I keep reading about these type adventures. This really gets me going, your wife is one lucky person and I bet she truly appreciates this wonderful gift you are giving her as you do the gifts she is giving you in return!

Anonymous said...

Two Questions:

1. Is this for real?

2. If so, can I borrow you to train my husband?

How lucky can a girl be? I mean, sex with hot guys all at the urging of your husband? I know this seems to be a new growing trend or fade but I wonder how much of it is real and not just made up.

If this is real then.....WOW, you are my new idol! You go girl, make than man smile :)

Mrs. Envious

Anonymous said...

Your lucky, my wife won't even give me a bj anymore :(

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit, this just must be some dude who gets off on this, everytying posted is from him!

L I A R !!

Anonymous said...

Remember to always communicate openly, be honest, hide nothing, understand and agree to each other's boundaries, don't cross them, delicately work through any issues that arise, keep jealousy at bay, if he/she says no to something it's a no! and have fun, it's just sex and this is a great spice to intesify a long term sexual relationship. There is a huge difference in sex/fucking and making love, just remember that and only make love to each other! Life is short, make the most of it and leave it with no regrets!

Anonymous said...

Well, How "we" got started was pretty bazar. This all happened about 15 years ago but my husband came home one night from a business dinner with clients and informed me his closest friends wife (who was my best friend) was there in a booth in the corner but with another man, not her husband. He then informed me he didn't think it was just a "friend" as as the night wore she had her hands all over him. He was upset, he had been the best man in there wedding and he wanted to approach his frend about with what he witnessed. I couldn't believe any of ths, I was shocked. We agreed to talk to him together and went for a private visit. When we informed him about what had happened, he seemed very embarrassed about the situation. We told him we had his back and I then told him I was going to give his wife and my close friend a piece of my mind soon and defriend her. We discussed it a little more and then my husband and I left. The next morning after my husband left for work our friend showed up at my house. He asked if we could talk and we sat down at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee and what I was about to hear was twice as shocking as thinking my friend was cheating on her man behind his back. He didn't want my husband to know but he had arranged the evening for his wife. It was something he wanted and she agreed to do for him. He was into being cuckolded (not sure if that was the phrase back then) and encouraged his wife to go out and "play" all she wanted. He was very embarrassed but felt he had to tell me as he didn't want to put his wife in an ackward situation with me due to our friendship and explained over and over it wasn't her idea, not to think badly about her, she was just doing what he begged her to do for him. He also did not want me to tell my husband. Well, my husband and I are open and honest about EVERYTHING in our lives and I told him. Shock #3 came to me this time. My husband wasn't mad or upset and actually told me he thought what they were doing was very hot and that his friend was a lucky man! I couldn't believe it, I was literally stunned! I decided to try something out as my husband started hinting around to me about doing what she was doing over the next several months. I approached my friend and told her, acting like I didn't know what she was doing, that my husband was asking me to sleep with other men and I was considering it. She looked at me, held my hand and asked how our relationship was. Did I really consider him my soulmate, was I deeply in love with him with no thoughts of ever leaving or loving another man, could I ever or had I ever had sex without any emotional attachments, could I seperate sex as fun and not love/attachment? I thought about these things and told her yes, I really thought I could have sex with someone else just for fun and not get tangled up into any attachment or love. She then told me about her life. Her husband wanted her to have sex with other men while he watched, joined or waited on her to return. They actually started when they were engaged. She said she did enjoy the sex but not as much and in a different way as making love to her husband. He actually watched her have sex with two men he arranged the night of there wedding before having sex with her as his wife! She said she had a great life, he treats her like a princess and loves her with all his heart always going out of his way to show her. She went on and on explaining things and it pushed me to make the best decision I've ever made in my life relationship wise. I agreed to do this for my husband, he gladly accepted. There were a few rocky times in the beginning, but now we've been going strong with this lifestyle for 13 years.

Anonymous said...

continued from above:

I have many, many friends that have no idea but are so jealous of the way my husband treats me. I know he loves me and would treat me equally as well if I wasn't his hotwife as he did before we started but it's a good feeling knowing I can make him so happy in return by simply being his hotwife. He loves it all but especially seems to enjoy my date nights always super charged up when I return immediately ravishing me, that has never gotten old for either of us! Seeing and hearing about others exploits is starting to inspire me to start my own blog and recount all the years of fun I've had and to encourage other women like ourselves whose men are secure enough to handle and are asking for this. They need to know how great it can be, how it can actually strenghten there relationship and pull them closer than they ever imagined possible all the while sparking an intense, ongoing and fully satisfying incredible sex life together!


Anonymous said...

I remember well how it began for us, my hubby told me it was what he wanted. After discussing it over a few weeks We decided to give it a go. There were a few rough patches we had to wade through in the beginning but once we got past all that and were both able to accept for what it was, FUN-for both of us equally, we never looked back and our sex life together reached a new high! That first time was sept 3, 2004 with someone we found in circle of friends. Now, I look for specifics in a FWB, they have to be good looking, polite, respectful of me an my husband, sexy and between 26-38 give or take a few years. I've tried multiple men once having 5 while my husband had to watch and wait for all of them to finish, very strange at first but ended up being so hot-it was his fantasy. I've tried and have a regular young black man who rocks my world, I go out on dates and we have mfm threesomes occasionally. He just per my request started eating my creampies and I've discovered I've been missing out because I cum so hard riding his face. I love telling him to clean it up, how I was fucked so good and let them fill up his pussy with their cum. Gets me off like nothing else! We are approaching 9 years in the hotwife lifestyle and it just has been getting better for us year after year. I've had between 80-85 men during this time, we've learned from some of them and what's amazing and fun for me is how they all ate a little different in the bedroom. I crave that variety now as much asy husband urges me on to continue to explore. We've never been deeper in love, more trusting of each other and happy in our lives. This works for us!

One Happy Hotwife

I'm THE Hotwife! said...

I'm the Folie a Trois HOTwife...It's true! Oh...how it's true! It's been a year now and Istill can't believe it's true, but it is. It's been such a possitive experience that I keep getting more and more freedom to make more choices. He has now told me that I don't have to call for permission to bang a guy on the first meet. As long as I feel comfortable with him...it's all good. I end up texting a guy for a few days...some foer a couple of weeks or so (I'm usually meeting prior guys, so I'm a few weeks out on meeting the new guys.)So...by the time we meet, we feel like we pretty muchly know each other.

His trust in me keeps me in an almost constant state of wetness.

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out for you two, you can't go back now and undo anything that's been done. Your wife will has had sex with other men, she can't take that back. Whether you wanted her to or not, sometimes fantasy is better than reality. I'm not trying to be a downer but my ex husband and I tried this and it ended horrible. I thought I could never fall for anyone else and didnt for years but someone finally did come along and I fell for them. I tried to cut it off but he would always text or call and I'd let him talk me into seeing him, secretly, behind my husbands back. I eventually couldn't live with myself without my husband knowing the truth, he had been to good to me. He was crushed I had lied to him and seen this other man he asked me to call it off with, I mean he was broken. We could never recover from my horrible mistake. My husband never looked or touched me the same again although we tried counselling for years, he could never fully regain 100% trust in me like he had. His love for me was never going to be the same after that anyway, he was to hurt and heart broken to recover. I still to this day regret being an idiot and falling for someone else but our hormones and body chemicals can sometimes make us do stupid things out of our control that we know are wrong and hurtful. I hope it works for you, it does for many people as I read these blogs and websites. I just wanted to give your wife an honest warning about the possibilities of this ending badly if just ONE mistake is made......ONE! My life will forever never be the same, I lost my best friend, the best lover and a wonderful man over a stupid mistake! Please do nothing you know deep down inside you will ever regret and stay strong to avoid any types of out of the boundary experiences that could RUIN and DESTROY your life as you knew it! I did cheat behind his back with someone I had been having sex with but my husband asked me to stop. I couldn't at the time, I'm crying typing this thinking what a fool I was to not ever think it was alright to continue against my husbands wishes justifying what I was doing with the fact I had sex with him before with my husbands consent. He could see something was different between us, I knew it was but pretended to be blind to it. Enough rambling, just please consider my advice if your husband is truly your best friend and souldmate: Be careful to never fall for anyone else and never give your man anything to worry about trust wise or you two will be finished! Experience speaking here.


Anonymous said...

While I remain married my husband, who wanted this, no longer looks at me the same as he used to. I know he still loves me but sees me differently now and not in such a so great way. He said he could handle it but deep down he hasn't been able to. Now I don't know if things will ever be the same between us for I fear he doesn't love me or see me as he same person as he did before we started hotwifing. I pray your husband is different and your relationship better than what I considered ours before we started because I miss the way he use to look at me and love me. Now most of the times, the looks he gives me are looks of disgust and hate, I'm not his innocent sweet princess anymore, instead I now feel like his used, white trash slut :(

Anonymous said...

The thing you may be missing is...we had our first experiences BEFORE we were married over 25 years ago. We knew going into our monogamous period that this was a part of our lives. We stayed monogamous during our childbearing years. Did we have others influencing our desires to go back into the realm of threesomes/playing...yes, but we stayed committed to keeping ourselves to ourselves if there was the possibility of a child being conceived. I would NOT have had another man's child...THAT'S my choice...If you have an opinion about that...you're on the wrong blog. I can tell you 100% that I will never leave this man...no one can fill his shoes, no one can give me the history he has given me, no one has what he has to offer me. He is my life...
Thanks for the warning and I understand where you're coming from. I'm sad for your bad experience and I know this isn't for everyone. We're not trying to convert anyone. We're just expressing our desires and how they work for us. We are enjoying our life. It wasn't an overnight decision that brought us back into our passion for extracurricular fun. I was and have never been pressed into doing anything I didn't want to do. I am also extremely honest...brutally honest and open with my husband. I also do not believe that total monogamy is a natural state of being.

Anonymous said...

My husband wouldn't have my ANY other way now! We started doing this later in life after our children were grown up and mostly raised. We dated all through highschool and college and married the summer after we graduated college. Until 5 years ago, he was the ONLY man I'd ever gone past 2nd base with. He swears up and down I'm his only too, sometimes I wonder but deep down I feel he is telling the truth. So, 21 years into our marriage we discuss the possibilities of sparking things by adding someone else to our bedroom. We had role played throughout the years and it turned us both on. We sat down and seriously discussed it, all the ramifications, scenario's we could think of, how it couldn't be taken back, EVERYTHING and we mutually agreed we could handle it. You could only imagine my nerves the first time, I wanted to throw up I was so nervous-thank god for alcohol or it never ever wouldn've happened. We had a great experience with another younger man. He was nervous as well, especially with my husband watching, but made me feel relaxed and once we got past a certain point I finally relaxed and started enjoying it. I was wondering about my husband, how was he reacting, was he going to be ok, that was my main concern. Looking at him sitting close to the bed his reaction sealed the deal as we hadn't had intercourse yet but were close and I was starting to want it. He was smiling at me with his bright smile, naked from the waste down and stroking his cock slowly which was at full erection. He leaned in, kissed me gently, told me to go for it and away I went. I went wild, it was so hot knowing he was watching, could trust me to do this, wanted me to do this and having another man touch me, lick me and enter me was very exciting for me. Since that night I've had a number of acquaintences, have established a few "regulars" and we both still like finding a new conquest every now and then. Since that day, my husband yearns for me like he did when we dated and first got married, he can't keep his hands off me and wants sex constantly and I adore and LOVE his attention! This lifestyle is addictive, he says he's addicted to it all the time and so I'm I. I love all the male attention and knowing at the end of the night or the next morning, I can go home to or roll over and curl up next to the man I truly love.....my husband! The best friend and lover any woman could hope for!

I'm glad to see that since you did decide to do this and follow through you are having a great experience with it and have a strong enough relationship to not only handle it but make the most of it and have the time's of your life! I'm sure the intense orgasms you both have described aren't bad either ;)



Anonymous said...

Hotwifing works and works well if BOTH parties are totally into it. My husband and I are and have been for approx 7 years. I play, he waits, it works for us. I do have a fondness for a few of my guys but nothing close to what I have for my husband......and while the sex can be good...no, great with some of these young men, no one has equaled the total fullfillment I get from my husband. I love my freedom, the trust in our relationship, the feeling of sexual empowerment, feeling sexy and wanted by lots of men, feeling attractive and the orgasms....oh, the orgasms, ELECTRIFYING!!!! Keep it up girl, be honest with your man, dont do anything you know deep down would hurt him and go out there and have the time of your life! I feel like a college girl going wild only I know what I want....just SEX, no relationship and not having that pressure makes the sex heavinly!!

Sabrina T

Anonymous said...

it took me 20+ years of marriage but finally after lots of communication with the wife she agreed to try it once for me. I had to reassure her I had no hidden agenda, I could care less about fucking another woman, she is my universe! After we talked, set up boundaries we were both comfortable with we decided to do it. She was still slightly worried I might think less of her afterwards or have my feeling change after watching but said for me she'd do it if it's what I really wanted. I assured her it was, nothing would change my love for her and if anything it would make me want her more. We found a great first person, it went perfect, the only problem was it was better than what I had hoped for or anticipated. We talked about it over a week or so and she finally admitted it was fun and she liked it and could do it again but only if I wanted, she asked me if I wanted to do it again and I popped out...ABSOLUTELY before she could just about get the question asked. We now do this semi regularly, we have about 4 different guys we are comfortable with, all agreed to regular STD checks so they now fuck her condom free. There is nothing more erotic and sexy to me than seeing my love, my life, my best friend, kissing and making out with another man, getting so into it she sometimes forgets i'm in the room watching until I climb over and kiss her deeply as her pussy is getting ate by someone else. I love kissing her as someone else makes her cum, or try kissing her as she's panting and moaning....her favorite cum words are always.....oh shit, oh shit, right before she cum's. I always either hold her hand or my favorite, kiss her the first time someone new sticks his cock inside her for the first time-that is hot. I love eating her after she's been fucked hard too, nothing better than seeing her pussy all puffed and swollen, dripping wet with her and his cum, smelling it for a bit then diving in with long slow licks anywhere there's cum until its all cleaned then latching down and sucking on her clit until she cums so hard she squirts!!! I'm so lucky she finally caved and gave us this.....now we talk about why didn't we start doing this years ago! Before we married she had sex with about 3 other guys before me, since we started this a few months ago, she's already had 5 new dicks and talks and texts me about this all the time-she loves that it turns me on so much!

Anonymous said...

As a clinical psychologist, many couples first ask me, “Am I crazy for wanting to do this? Is there something screwed up in my head, that I/we enjoy the fantasy of my wife with other men?” My answer is that you are no more or less crazy than other people out there. And in fact, I have found that hotwifing couples tend to have extraordinary communication skills and positive relationships that monogamous couples often don’t have. So, don’t worry that your fantasies mean you’re crazy.

Hotwifing/cuckoldry is not new – Even though it seems like it, from the explosion of hotwifing and cuckoldry on the Internet, this lifestyle has been around for thousands of years. The Internet has brought it out of the closet. According to recent surveys, hotwife/cuckold related searches are the 2nd most common sex-related Internet searches. But, in my book, I give examples of this lifestyle in many non-Western cultures, and throughout Western history. In some island cultures, festivals were celebrated with unrestrained sexuality (sounds like Jamaica and Hedonism to me!). One wife took on over a hundred men in one night, during a tribal ceremony. What is new today is that the Internet has allowed more men and women who might be interested in this lifestyle to learn that they are not alone in these desires. In the past, people suppressed their desires for fear of social rejection and stigma. Finding that there are others out there who share these desires has led more husbands to be brave enough to express their desires to their wives, and more wives to be willing and able to explore their sexuality outside their marriage.

There are lots of explanations for hotwifing: For women, it is a way for them to explore the full reaches of their sexuality, safe within a marriage and with the knowledge that their sexual explorations will not cost them their husband. The rise of feminism over the past few decades has led to increased acceptance of female sexual desires, and less stigma on women who like exploring their slutty sides. . Through hotwifing, husbands can also "experience" the greater capacity of sexual fulfillment available to women, getting sexual excitement by watching their wife achieve greater sexual pleasure through the attentions of more than one man. Some men love the fact that they have a wife that other men want, it makes them feel like they are a king, knowing that at the end of the night(or the week in Jamaica), their wife is still going home with them. Some husbands use hotwifing to explore a sexual desire for other men, even though they might never touch the other men.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, this kink is as much biological as it is psychological: Our brain chemistry changes over the course of a relationship. When we first start a sexual relationship, we are driven by our neurochemicals to have lots and lots of sex, and think about our partner all day long. After a few months though, those chemicals subside, and our sexuality changes somewhat, becoming more nurturing and bit less passionate. But, when we start a relationship with other people, those early exciting neurochemicals roar back at full strength. When the wife goes off with another man, she then brings that chemical excitement back to her husband, and her primary relationship. Another powerful form of biology is involved as well, that of sperm competition. Sperm competition is a theory of evolutionary sexuality based on the idea that male sexual biology responds to the risk of being cuckolded with increased sexual energy and by ejaculating more sperm that behave more aggressively, in order to combat the sperm of another man that might be present in their wife’s vagina. Hotwife and cuckold couples have unconsciously found ways to use that biological mechanism in order to trigger enormous sexual excitement in their primary relationship, as the husband’s sexual chemistry is kicked into overdrive by his wife’s sexual explorations with another man. At the same time, the wife is often more orgasmic with a man other than her husband, as her body reacts with physiological excitement to the possibility of becoming pregnant by another man. This is one of the main reasons why the “creampie” fantasy is so popular.

Jealousy in hotwifing: I think that for hotwife couples, the jealousy is often still there, but comes out in their sexual excitement, rather than through fear or anger. But more so, I see that hotwife couples have developed high levels of communication, and learned to talk about situations that would trigger jealousy, rather than avoiding them. And some people in hotwifing seem to just be immune to jealousy, either by virtue of their own personality, or by their confidence in the security of their relationship and the love they share with their wives. Hotwifing for women: Hotwifing and cuckolding is almost universally initiated by the husbands, who bring it up to their wives, frightened they will be rejected or laughed at. But, for those couples who make this lifestyle work, it is because the wives find something in it for them. Female sexual capacity is infinitely greater than male sexuality. A woman can have as many as fifty or even sixty orgasms in an hour; a man is limited to at most three or four. In our history, it has been the rare woman who innately embraces the full capacity of her sexuality, and explores it outside social dictates regarding monogamy, and being “proper.” Hotwifing offers women a way to take the brakes off their sexual engines, revving them as high as they can go, all with their husband’s encouragement. Lots of men want to find ways to turn their wives into hotwives, but only a few have wives who are willing to go to Jamaica with them, to explore this fantasy in real life.

Anonymous said...

The above 2 posts I found on the internet and thought they were interesting so I hope you enjoy me sharing this!


Anonymous said...

Good read I found on the internet:

Some women have a reoccurring MFM fantasy. Others have not given it much thought until asked about it. Perhaps you have been directed here by your mate to learn more?

Woman reading this who have not explored the topic of sexual play another man should try bringing the subject up some time when your partner is aroused. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result. :-) For those of you trying to understand why he wants to pursue this and what it would be like, I hope this will help you make an informed decision.

In the right circumstances, I've asked women what motivated them to seek sex outside of their relationship and this is what they've shared:
•"New sex" pleasures
•Pleasing her partner
•Guilt free lustful sex
•Sex with a more desirable partner
•Being ravished
•Need to validate her desirability
•Fulfilling missed sexual experiences
•Unconditional belonging
•Enjoying sex similar to that before being married
•Being with more than one man at a time
"New sex" pleasures: For men and women, sex with a new partner is in most cases very erotic. It is likely she will have one of the most memorable sexual experiences in her life.
Pleasing her partner: Through the exploration of relationships with her previous lovers, she learns of his desire for her to engage in sexual play with a new partner. She finds he is seriously turned on by the thought of this fantasy and finds his lustfulness associated with this topic equally arousing. He wants to bring this fantasy to life more than anything and by granting his wish, she gives him something very special.

Guilt free lustful sex: Sex without the emotional baggage of a relationship can feel more heightened for her. It can be a liberating experience for those women who have not yet tried it. In an MFM adult play situation, she can concentrate totally on her pleasure, her desire and her needs.

Sex with a more desirable partner: No one man can satisfy a woman's erotic desires in every way. In an MFM experience, she has the opportunity to select a mate that is different than her current lover. He could be younger or maybe leaner or maybe from another part of the world. If she has always had the hots for a guy with lots of muscles, this is her opportunity.

Being ravished: The thought of a man she hardly knows seeing her naked, aroused and unable to resist his advances is a female fantasy. Her new partner is full of desire for her and is allowed to touch her everywhere and "take" her.

Need to validate her desirability: Some women need to know they are attractive and viewed as sensual. No experience will validate her desirability more than attracting another partner for sexual play. It can be a ego boost for her, especially if she has been having doubts about her ability to attract others. Ask any 50 year old women if she feels more attractive after a shared wife experience with a younger stud and you'll get an affirmative response.

Fulfilling missed sexual experiences: She's lived an overly conservative life and now realizes she has missed out on the opportunity to sample sex with other men. Now is her chance to experience a variety of partners.

Unconditional belonging: A deep sense of bonding where she feels owned by her partner. This occurs when the husband/boyfriend, after making sure she is completely ready, invites another man to have her. She is "his woman" and is given away. Some couples experience a very strong emotional attachment as they look at one another while a new partner is intimately engaged with her.

Enjoying sex similar to that before being married: Perhaps she longs again for that freedom she had to sleep with whomever she wished. (editorial note: Most men can relate with this).

Being with more than one man at a time: It is not just guys who have the fantasy of being with two members of the opposite sex at once. Some women find it arousing.

Anonymous said...

Why would a sane, rational man want his wife to fuck another man?

The above question is a commonly asked question to those who've just heard of this lifestyle. The uninitiated think the answers are simple. The husband is a latent homosexual. The husband doesn't love his wife and is hoping to "bait" her into a divorce by dumping her off on another man. Or maybe the husband wants to fuck other woman and this is the lever he will use to get his wife to allow that. These are the big three themes but in any event the primary assumption is that the husband is being anything but honest and merely using his wife's promiscuity as a deception-based tool for him to achieve some unstated goal that the wife would normally not be agreeable too.

The truth is that the above stated assumption is rarely the case. Is it sometimes? I've no doubt. If the internet tells us one thing it's that there are very few limits to the human experience. But again, those are the exceptions. The truth? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that....but is much less Machiavellian.

So what is the truth?

Well, the truth is that usually the husband really does want to see his wife fuck others. The truth is that the husband rarely has any significant interest in other women. As for that latent homosexuality thing? Eh, sometimes, but that's generally not a real motivator but rather a fringe benefit for those so inclined.

So what are the motivations? They are as varied as the people who enter into the lifestyle but there are common themes. Will I address these themes? Not directly. Rather than profess to speak for all what I endeavor to do here is express MY motivations (and they are both numerous and dependent upon my mood). Beyond that, I would invite other individuals in the lifestyle to present their observations and motivations with the thought that a more complete and meaningful consensus may be formed.

Why I encourage my wife to fuck other men... Sheesh! Typing that gives me flashbacks to 7th Grade English and assignments like "What I did on my summer vacation!" In any event, I'm going to give you, the reader, several thoughts of mine on this topic. My appologies if they are sometimes contradictory and/or not always organized. We're dealing with the human mind and emotions; contradictions and chaos go with the territory.

I like to see my wife fuck other men because I am voyeuristic in nature. The most common expression of my voyeuristic nature is watching porn. I like porn. Most guys do! But what's better than watching porn? Watching real life sex, of course. Why settle for crappy video with a terrible sound track if you can get real live people to have sex in front of you? Now what's even better than a live sex show? A live sex show with the most beautiful woman in the world, of course! And yes, I consider my wife the most beautiful woman in the world. Sure, I'm biased but it doesn't change the allure of watching that magnificent woman get off. What's that, you say? Why don't I just watch her while I have sex with her? It just doesn't work well for me. For starters, there are "camera angles" that a participant can never see. Too, the sensations running through my own body make it difficult (have you ever tried to watch and appreciate somebody else while YOU were having an orgasm?). OK, enough discussion of that angle.

Anonymous said...


It makes my wife feel beautiful/sexy. Let's face it, men, making your wife feel beautiful/sexy isn't easy after years of marriage. You may tell her that she's beautiful but does she really believe you? If you're me, you're biased and she knows it so hearing "you're beautiful" from me doesn't exactly convince her. What absolutely, positively convinces her that she's beautiful/sexy is some quasi-random guy pursuing her and fucking her brains out. Then she knows that other guys find her beautiful and sexy and that does great things for both her self esteem and her libido. Short version? She ends up feeling better about herself and I get laid a lot more. No losers there!

There are some things one guy simply can not do! I'm a considerate lover and I want my wife to have the most fun and the most powerful orgasms she can have. Most men do, right? But what if it turns out that what really gets her motor running is a guy eating her out while another guy sucks her nipples? One guy simply can not do that; anatomy forbid it (baring siamese twins!). If your wife is such a woman (and mine is), then the only way to really rock her world is to accept help from an outside source. Not every man is confident/comfortable doing so, but I am. Thus another guy allows me to give her sexual experiences that she could otherwise never have.

But most of all, I encourage my wife having sex with others because it is fun.

Anonymous said...

Great site!!!!!

I'd never heard of cuckolding until I asked my man about his sexual past and he was honest with his answer.

He had been involved in swinging but usually gravitated towards the hotwife/cuckolding lifestyle.

When he told me about it, the idea began working on me and for a number of reasons, some as political as they were sexual, I asked if he would like me to take the plunge.

We did and I've since written two books on cuckolding that describe how we live this arrangement.

It isn't for everyone and, I'm sure, everyone plays the game differently.

As for me, I'm very glad I asked Michael about his past, there is nothing quite like being your true love's HOTWIFE!!!